Scene Study

At Rogues West, we offer the artist a rich and diverse range of material to work from. From Shakespeare to the major Modernist classics of the 20th century to today’s most celebrated playwrights, our Scene Study courses employ proven techniques that empower actors to work truthfully with text and the given circumstances of the play.


  • Meisner Scene Study – Actors work in pairs on scenes from plays, employing the Meisner principles, including working truthfully under the imaginary circumstances, emotional preparation and driving the text forward through activating the conflict.


  • Classical Scene StudyActors will lay the foundation for a strong understanding and analysis of text by immersing themselves the world of Shakespeare, learning specific techniques that will accelerate any text into compelling human life.


  • Hagen Scene Study – Through partnered scene work actors explore the importance of place, relationship and the Who Am I? to flesh out character.


  • Advanced Scene Study – Fusing the Meisner and Hagen Techniques, actors set the scene in motion through activating both the inner and outer life of the given circumstances.