In-keeping with our philosophy that acting is a muscle, our MEISNER IMMERSION class provides a powerful way for the actor to lay their foundation and advance their skills. Meisner Immersion is a 8 week commitment , check our current schedule to see session dates.




This  course is designed for actors looking to intensify their training in the Meisner Technique. Over 3 months, actors will empower their work by applying Word Repetition – the foundation of active listening, instinct, impulse and truthful behaviour as well as Advanced Improv techniques – emotional preparation, task, hidden agenda & disability. In the last month these principles culminate in working with text effectively by using speeches from Edgar Lee Master’s, Spoon River Anthology.



Working from the truth of yourself. The fundamentals of the Meisner technique are Word Repetition and Improv. Word Rep establishes the ability to actively listen, receive and authentically respond. Improv builds on Repetition through living truthfully under imaginary circumstances, moment to unanticipated moment. This class challenges actors to work from their truthful, spontaneous and imaginative selves, holding space for self exploration and evolving deeply personal acting process.



This  class is a wonderful accessory to film or scene study class by providing a safe space to work from the truth of yourself. Rather than working from the text, we focus on the activity of Listening: Getting your attention off of yourself and putting it on to the other actor – living presently, truthfully and actively. This is the goal of the actor. Be prepared to sweat a little with some group connection exercises, please wear comfortable clothes!