Faculty & Associates

James Wilson

James has been working as an actor in both New York and Vancouver and teaching for over ten years, having studied under Christiane Hirt before moving to New York to attend the HB Studio’s full time program. He has also completed The Hagen Teacher Training course under Carol Rosenfeld at HB.   He is  the Administrative Coordinator for Rogues West.


Trish Allen

Trish has taught Voice, Text, Speech, and Dialect for 27 years. Mentored by David Smukler (National Voice Intensive, York U), Trish has trained the best in every discipline with Kristin Linklater, Larry Moss, Patsy Rodensburg and Catherine Fitzmaurice. She regularly coaches hosts of several Lifestyle shows, and has coached on Fringe and Hawaii Five-O. Her Voice & Text in Action classes as well as her Standard American Dialect workshop run out of Rogues West. For more information contact her at ta9942@gmail.com or visit http://www.trishallen.ca/ 

Glynis Davies

Glynis Davies

Glynis is a well-known established actor and writer … she has been devoted to the art of acting for most of her life. She studied the craft for many years at the Center for Actors Study in Toronto. She has worked in Toronto, New York, and Calgary and since living in Vancouver has garnered close to a hundred film credits. Glynis is also a produced screenwriter. Her skill as a writer is evident in her adept ability to interpret script.


Dolores Drake

Dolores is a graduate of the “Studio 58” Theatre Arts program in Vancouver and has worked across the country in theatre, film, and television. A twice-over Jessie Award nominee, Dolores has been teaching and coaching for 8 years through the Vancouver Youth Theatre, Theatrix, and Crichlow Actors’ Studio. She teaches acting classes & workshops for aspiring young actors aged 10-16 in Rogues West studio space. For more information on her classes, contact her at doloresdrake@telus.net