The Studio


Rogues West provides a positive environment that fosters the development of the individual actor within a supportive and creative ensemble. Our passion for the art of acting is articulated through our approach: “Evolving The Artist“. We aim to inspire, engage, and challenge the actor to work to their highest potential while accelerating their skills to meet professional industry standards in all mediums.


Founders Christiane Hirt and Joe-Norman Shaw bring sixty years of combined experience to Rogues West, both as professional actors, teachers, directors, and mentors. Since 1993, they have offered actors a creative home to train, develop their skills, commune with their tribe, and evolve as artists and professionals.


Our training is rooted in the tradition espoused by the major studios in NYC and other American based institutions. From the teachings of Constantine Stanislavski and the interpretations of Sanford Meisner and Uta Hagen, our focus is on “authentic performance”. Working from the first person, an actors’ performance is deeply rooted in truthful human behaviour and raw emotional power. We train actors to apply this authentic style to both theatre and film. It is our belief that a well-trained actor can work anywhere if their work is grounded in the truth of human behaviour.


Rogues West offers one free audit for all of our classes. We believe that acting is a personal process and actors must make an informed decision about their training.



In 1993, Christiane and Joe originally founded Company of Rogues Actors Studio here in Vancouver. They sought to build a creative home where actors could flourish and engage in a deep and committed practice; to provide a place safe to take risks and explore the human condition within an artistic framework. After winning the lead role of Hannah Peale in “Lonesome Dove: The Series”, Christiane and Joe relocated to Calgary, AB, where Company of Rogues grew from humble beginnings into one of Western Canada’s premier actor training centres.


Twenty years later, Company of Rogues continues to thrive. Now, Christiane has returned to Vancouver with Rogues West: the next chapter of the Rogues legacy.