Voice and Dialect

Throughout the year Rogues West provides actors a range of voice and dialect training to prepare actors to meet the professional demands of the industry when approaching roles and/or characters from diverse backgrounds.


Tuesdays 3-5pm



Speaking in Standard American is crucial to your success in the Casting room. Casting Directors and Producers demand a real Standard American Dialect, which is much more than learning a new way to say ‘about’ and ‘sorry’. Trish Allen is a highly sought after Dialect Coach whose proven method will make your American Dialect ring true in both the audition room and on-set.


U.K – The Standard British Dialect

Vancouver based shows such as Once Upon a Time, Legends of Tomorrow, and Man in the High Castle often call for actors to be proficient in a Standard British Dialect. This holds true for M.O.W’s, Features, requests for tapings as well as working in the theatre. Add SBD to round out your skill-set, or compliment this session of RW’s U.K Contemporary Scene Study class.


The Dialect of the American South

Round out your Standard American repertoire with dialects of the Southern United States. These dialects are also often requested by Canadian Casting Directors for such shows as Wynonna Earp, Damnation and Hell on Wheels, among other projects that are shot in Western Canada.


Mondays 3-5pm



As an actor, YOUR VOICE is one of your most important tools. This exciting class includes all the basics of voice work: relaxation, breath and physical awareness, neutral sound, resonance, range, articulation and much more. Through individual and group exercises, you will learn to integrate breath, sound, image, movement and text in a deeply personal way, making the text your own, removing physical and psychological blocks that are inhibiting your vocal expression. *NOTE: this class is 12 weeks