Rogues Raves

Above: Leo-nominated Vancouver actress Christie Burke speaks about her experience at Rogues West. 


“As an actor, I’ve taken countless courses from various instructors over the years; and this is the first course and method that I’ve felt I can truly trust on all levels to commit my performances to. The proof was truly in seeing the difference of each actor as they committed to this process through Christiane’s guidance.
I would encourage any actor committed to bringing truth and compelling performances to the screen to take Christiane’s workshops at some point in their career. Their only regret would be that they hadn’t taken them earlier.”

– Michael Murray, Toronto Based Actor

“I had, more or less, fiddled around with my career up until I was cast as Don Cherry in the CBC TV Movie, KEEP YOUR HEAD UP, KID: THE DON CHERRY STORY. I had no direction. I had spent five years concerning myself with peripheral aspects of acting and my performance suffered as I continually failed to make intelligent, concrete choices. Christiane introduced me to THE HERO’S JOURNEY. This method helped me to understand the script/story better, develop a character arc and to better understand the material. Christiane also walked me through EMOTIONAL CONNECTION and this helped me to draw parallels between what the character was going through and what I had experienced in my own life. This was an area I had previously found to be intimidating, as it is not always easy to look back on certain times in your life. That said, I feel fortunate to have turned over those rocks with Christiane.”

– Jared Keeso, Vancouver Based Actor

“Studying with Christiane Hirt changed my life. She has a great love and compassion for her actors. Her guidance and wisdom is truly inspiring. In Christiane’s classes you must be prepared to give your very best work and your complete commitment because that is exactly what Christiane gives to her Meisner classes every week. When studying the Meisner Technique you must be prepared to explore, to let go, to make mistakes and most importantly to do the work.”


Breanna Dillon, Toronto Based Actor

Above: Vancouver actor Kara Shaw speaks about her experience the Uta Hagen Scene Study Class


“As a new comer to the Rogues West family, I was blown away by the experience I had with Christiane Hirt. Her incredible investment and patience as a teacher not only made me feel welcome and respected in the room, but also encouraged me to overcome challenges and reach new insights as a performer. I’m greatly appreciative of my time spent in Christiane’s workshop and now have a new set of skills to aid me in my professional career. 

Stephane Garneau-Monten, Toronto Based Actor

“I started studying with Christiane in 1998, and not to sound cheesy, but it changed my life. I studied Meisner with her at Rogues for two years, and then was off to New York to study at the Neighborhood Playhouse. Several times throughout my two years at the Playhouse I was reminded of how strong my training with Christianne was, and the excellent foundation she provided me with. 16 years later I am now studying with her in Vancouver and she is helping me do the best work I have done in years, likely ever. Her passion, insight, and humanity are infectious. In life, and in acting. I am excited for what the future holds. Thanks Christiane.”

 Ryan Cowie, Vancouver Based Actor

“Christiane Hirt shares with us the craft of Sanford Meisner, by working from what she so potently calls, “moment-to-unanticipated-moment”. She reminds us that the work is rooted in behaviour, and that text simply supports that. Hirt also has a natural gift in picking up on the specific needs of each actor in the room and gives us, individually, what we need as we work to journey through our character’s arcs. Whether it’s leaping from her chair in a whirlwind of passion, or gently kneeling before the actor, her palms placed upon our knees, whispering only a few words into our ear, she plants in us the seedlings, from which very strong work starts to grow. She intently watches and listens, guiding us at each moment, always helping each take become better than the last. As an on-camera coach, Christiane Hirt brings a passion to the room like no other. As an actor, I grow each time I work with her.”

– Matthew Gouveia, Toronto Based Actor