Throughout the year Rogues West provides actors a myriad of film classes: From Audition Techniques to Character Arc and Story Structure to incorporating the Meisner Technique to the film medium, our instruction is second to none in preparing actors to meet the professional demands of the film industry.

Watch some of the powerful work being done in our Advanced Film Class to see for yourself!



Below is a sampling of some of the Film classes that are available on rotation. Check our class schedule to see what we are currently offering.

  • Hero’s Journey– The Hero’s Journey challenges Actors to create a character arc through comprehending and applying the Story’s structure.
  • Meisner on Film –Engaging the principles of Meisner for the camera, the class deals with the actors ability to fulfill the emotional narrative of the scene.
  • Pilot Prep – This class addresses the demands of auditioning for Pilot Season.
  • Executing the Audition – Set in an audition style environment, actors are challenged with material specific to building a comprehensive technique to create dynamic auditions
  • Character on Film – This class probes the predicaments that shape a character. Actors are challenged to mine the kinks, quirks and eccentricities of a character through investigating their history, psychology, skills and disabilities.