Payment Policies

  • Classes must be paid in full upon registration
  • Included in the cost of class is a $150.00 NON-REFUNDABLE Administrative Fee
  • A fee of $10.00 will be assessed on any NSF cheque to cover bank charges

Refund Policies

  • Cancelation is permitted provided the student gives 7 business days’ notice
  • If the student has paid IN FULL and wishes to cancel out of a class, the full amount can be used as credit toward a future class, or the full amount minus the $150 Administrative Fee can be refunded
  • If the student cancels out of the class after the 7-day limit, they forfeit the $150 Administrative Fee –it cannot be used as credit
  • If the student has paid in full and cancels out of the class after the 7-day limit, the amount cannot be refunded or used as credit, unless there is another student available to take the now vacant spot


  • After classes have started, there are no prorated refunds whatsoever for withdrawal or missed classes, except at the sole discretion of the Studio in exceptional circumstances


  • Absences must be approved by the class instructor at least one week in advance
  • We reserve the right to remove a student(s) should the instructor feel that said student is not meeting his/her commitment to the class and/or to their partner