Rogues West is now on-line! As an international and award-winning coach, Christiane Hirt offers 1:1 personal coaching as well as small classes specific to the film medium. 

Coaching only with Christiane Hirt

—      45/half hour or 75/hour + GST, no taping/file upload

Coaching and Taping with Christiane Hirt

—      70/half hour or 100/hour + GST, incl taping/file upload

—      Skype coaching also available.

For more information or to book a consultation please email James at 

Coaching Testimonials


What Christiane has always taught me; an ounce of behaviour is worth a pound of words…She is so successful at coaching and pulling intention out of an actor because of her years of experience as an actor herself. She understands the business as well as the artistic nurture involved in a captivating performance.

Benjamin Arthur, LEO Award Winner & GEMINI Nominee

“Almost immediately, my audition experience shifted. I started to find myself leaving audition rooms completely surprised at what had unfolded, but loving it. The work made sense. It felt human. My auditions became alive, and increasing positive feedback from casting reflected that. My nerves and frustration were eradicated when I learned to engage and ride my impulses.

Lanie McAuley, Vancouver Based Actor