Scene Study

At Rogues West, we offer the artist a rich and diverse range of material to work from. From UK Classics to the major Modernist classics of the 20th century to today’s most celebrated playwrights, our Scene Study courses employ proven techniques that empower actors to work truthfully with text and the given circumstances of the play.




This class focuses on the principles that bring a scene to life. Breaking the scene down to get to its core, connecting to character, environment and living the emotional reality under the imaginary circumstances are just a few of the tools actors will work with over the course of six weeks. Rehearsal outside of class is required. The last class will be an informal presentation for an invited audience.


Reap what you sow and be seen! Our successful Annual Industry Showcase is well attended by Agents and Casting Directors. Committed actors will showcase their work, followed by a wine and cheese event. Actors will have the opportunity to network with industry professionals. Rehearsal outside of class is required.

  •  U.K CONTEMPORARY CLASSICS In the first of our three Contemporary Classic Series, actors will dive into the works of the U.K bad boys: Tom Stoppard, John Osborne (Godfather of the British modern theatre movement), Joe Orton and Brian Friel. These brilliant playwrights broke the mould with their clever and complex works that deal with society, oppression, tradition and family dynamics. Delve into controversial characters who think as deeply as they feel. Rehearsal outside of class is required.CANADIAN CONTEMPORARY CLASSICS Nice and Polite? Forget it! Judith Thompson, Michel Tremblay and George F. Walker are writers who aim for the nerve. Their gritty, raw and primal characters walk the plank, teetering between of life and disaster. This class celebrates our diverse Canadian culture and talent. Rehearsal outside of class is required.



    The second of our classic series. Be it David Mamet’s blazing dialogue, John Patrick Shanley’s complex characters, David Rabe’s tragic/comedic people or the darkly dangerous denizens of Sam Shepard’s American Southwest, this class will challenge you to work on some of the most exciting material ever written for the modern theatre. Rehearsal outside of class time is required.



    In time with Vancouver’s General Theatre auditions this monologue class empowers actors to live the text moment to unanticipated moment while activating their environment. Well-crafted monologues are powerful tools to draw an audience inside the world of your character(s). Each actor receives two contrasting monologues.




    Scene Work for Stage, Film & TV 

    This class is a must for any actor who is serious about their training. Setting a strong foundation in scene work, the actor learns to embody a character physically and emotionally, while realistically creating the world of the play. The essential skill-set developed through this intense scene work process applies to both the theatre and film mediums and deepens the actors craft. Rehearsal outside of class is required.